Link Master

Kepware의 LinkMaster OPC 브리징 소프트웨어는 내장된 스케일링, 사용자 접근 관리자, 오류 추적, 쓰기 최적화 능력을 이용하여 "서버"와 "클라이언트" 어플리케이션 양측 모두에서 다중 OPC 서버들로부터 온 데이터들을 액세스, 수집, 조직화, 링크하는 능력을 가지고 있습니다.


Product Description

LinkMaster Features:

  • Includes a built in User Manager that allows complete control over what types of functionality each individual user can access.
  • Support for creating Custom Remote Machine references.
  • Includes a stand alone event monitoring application called the EventViewer.
  • OPC Data Access Version 1.0a
  • OPC Data Access Version 2.0
  • DDE Format CF_Text
  • DDE Format AdvancedDDE


OPC Server to OPC Server Bridging The most common scenario for LinkMaster is to link data between two (or more) OPC Servers. An example might be a customer using RSLinx for connectivity to Allen Bradley PLCs and Kepware's U-CON Protocol Server for connectivity to a checkweigher. In this example the customer wants to easily send scale data to the PLC.
OPC Server within Server bridging This scenario is commonly used when a customer wants to route data between two PLCs connected to the same server. Using LinkMaster to define the tag data routing can be much easier than creating new ladder logic in your PLCs (especially for legacy systems). An example might be a customer using KEPServerEX to connect to an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC as well as a Yokogawa DX Data Recorder.
OPC Server Collector or Gateway Another interesting application scenario for LinkMaster is to function as a single OPC server which serves data from multiple OPC servers. This approach demonstrates LinkMaster's capability of acting as both a client and server. An example might be when a customer has a single OPC connection available from an OPC client application but multiple OPC servers that they want to acquire data from.
LinkMaster Internal Flow Server to Server Linking LinkMaster as a Collector or Gateway

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