Cirrascale 블레이드 서버

Cirrascale 블레이드 서버

  • Industry Leading Storage Capacity of up to 1.15PB per Platform
  • Up to 792 Processing Cores per Platform
  • 66 Single Server Blades per Platform
  • Industry Leading Patented Vertical Cooling Technology™
  • Supports Verari Technologies’ Award Winning DataServer Solutions
  • Scalable Verari Management Control System
  • Fully Redundant Power System
  • Ultra Efficient 90%+ Power Delivery


Product Description

The BladeRack® 2 E-Class from Verari Technologies was designed with enterprise-class data centers in mind.
End users with resource-hungry applications and power-conscious facility managers that demand availability will enjoy the best of both worlds with an ultra efficient (up to 90%+), fully redundant power architecture and comprehensive line of available compute and storage blade offerings.

The full redundancy at both the node and rack level makes the BladeRack 2 E-Class the ideal solution to ensure your customers are never left without their critical data and applications.
Built upon the success of the original BladeRack 2 platform, the E-Class platform is perfect for mission critical customer installations where high availability, ultra dense systems are a requirement.
With the marriage of robust features and performance, customers in the Financial Services industry would find the BladeRack 2 E-Class an excellent vehicle for desktop consolidation and high performance grid installations while its ultra efficient power architecture fits seamlessly in their current power challenged environments.
Data center administrators in the Service Provider field would increase efficiency by utilizing the added connectivity options for virtual machine serving while dramatically cutting power and cooling costs due to the ground-breaking, efficient design.

The BladeRack 2 E-Class platform employs the industry leading patented Vertical Cooling Technology™.
This allows Verari Technologies to employ the fastest and most powerful processors available on the market without the performance loss commonly found in blade servers from other vendors.
The BladeRack 2 E-Class utilizes an ultra-efficient, auto-sensing 208-400VAC, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase input power solution that will drastically reduce your organization’s energy expenditure.
The efficiency of this power subsystem also allows IT staff to spend fewer resources on heat related failures and provides the ultimate availability with fully redundant power inputs, power distribution modules and power supplies.
This ultra-redundant power system allows for greater server uptime, further protecting the investments of customers.

The BladeRack 2 E-Class supports the Verari Management Control (VMC) system management software which enables IT managers to maximize the production of their data centers remotely whether it’s a single blade or a row of racks they are managing.
The scalable Verari Smart Control system management suite increases and improves connectivity options while maintaining a high level of security.

With its ability to house up to 1.15PB of storage or 792 processing cores per rack, the BladeRack 2 E-Class is one of the densest and most versatile blade server platforms on the market today.
This combination of density, redundancy and efficiency cannot be found anywhere else in the enterprise landscape.